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YouPorn All Information
From anonymous 2 years ago 2296views

Our unemployed friends tell us that the latest "Porn 2.0" site to see YouPorn is an unprecedented growth, a pornographic version of YouTube (not work safe, but there is no adult material on the front page).

He told us that the company is growing like crazy, and often has trouble maintaining the site, no pun intended. Although we could not source internal statistics, the figures suggest that Alexa YouPorn is set to outperform its rival Pornotube in the coming days. Compete at odds but YouPorn claims that most of its success lies in Germany and other European countries - something that will not be shown in the US-only competing statistics.

Is it really necessary for me to tell him what he does? This is YouTube for porn, so you can probably guess the functionality. This is another example of the porn industry copying existing sites, rather than culminating the package as many assume. The next billionaire idea for those who are not worried about having an immaculate reputation?

Esperanza Gómez
From mmpo 2 years ago 1961views

The Colombian who was born to be pornstar. He has said in more than one interview that his is not an interest in the economic side of the industry, nor a way to channel some kind of furstración related to being a real actress. Esperanza never thought of acting, and as she says, she never does it before the camera: she always shows how she feels, giving free rein to her overdeveloped libido and her natural sensuality. She has been Playboy Bunny in the Colombian edition of the magazine and her debut came with a monumental interracial scene for South Beach Cruisin '# 3, by Josh Stone and Justin Slayer, who has always laughed at this imposing lady. Working in porn is his dream, or that proclaims often, since he was 13 years old. Little joke.

Esperanza fucks like a goddess, and by saying this we affirm that her talent for the fornicio is exceptional. If this virtue we add its Latin beauty, uncommon sympathy and morbid, is understood to drag a multitudinous legion of fans in the Hispanic world and international, which makes it one of the most admired and desired pornostars.

After breaking hearts throughout the world with his work in American porn, since mid-2015 it seems that this profession has become something purely eventual for Esperanza Gomez, a type of activity that performs whenever he wants and the times that she wants (usually always with Brazzers, who is usually the highest bidder), and not a regular source of income. The rumors about her withdrawal periodically come to the media, time and again, and time and again Esperanza itself is dedicated to denying them in social networks. The super-Colombian may be on stand-by, but she does not intend to give up the pleasures that porn gives her, including anal, gangbang and threesome, which she herself qualifies as outstanding accounts.

In the meantime, Esperanza continues to prolong its own legend, practicing undisputed Colombian celebrity, with very habitual participations in the radio, the television channel Venus and numerous interventions like tertuliana whenever a televising debate is touched remotely some subject related to the porn or the sex, its two main specialties.

Extra ball: The oversized size of her clitoris is due to her anabolic and steroid intake that she underwent to get into shape a few years ago, but she claims to be very proud of it. And we know that for their fans is another reason to add to the long list of things that give this Colombian insatiable morbid.

Porn webcam model 'Kloe la maravilla' is one of the 'Protagonistas' of RCN
From mmpo 2 years ago 377views

(At the end of this note you will find the link to his social networks, where he exposes his artistic work).

"The reason for this release is to let you know that today I will be part of
the RCN Protagonists reality, in which I integrate representing my
work, which is webcam modeling, and therefore the entire industry that
integrates this half ... I hope to be able to accompany me in this new adventure, next to this bitch and see me every day by RCN at 9 pm Do not forget me, "he said in the statement.Tamayo is known for his explicit sexual videos, published on his social networks.

To illustrate this note it was difficult to find a video in which she was dressed.

Knowing their activity, anything can be expected to happen in the 'Casa estudio'. Will he strip naked before the Colombians?In her presentation on the show, Natalia presented herself as a role model for other girls:

"I have my daddy, you know. I'm a caderoncita, piernoncita. I am an ordinary person, I do not believe more than anyone. (I want) that many tees who are just like me see in me that example that everything can be. It would be living proof that if one sets out to do things right in life, everything has a reward. "